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Seattle, WA

Dear friend,

You do not know how glad I am to see you're still on the way to make your passion your profession. I really think your sweetness and your love make you perfect for the job of a doula. It is a profession that, like others, requires preparation, practice and above all lots of vocation, empathy and sensitivity.... And I assure you that you spare those qualities. You do not know the love and closeness that you get to experience with the person who is accompanying you on these wonderful, yet delicate moments....

On many days we remember you and about you being often effective and loving your help ... and hope to see you soon.

A big kiss

Ros, Gabi and Ines


Everett, WA

Hi my name is Veronica I just had my second baby with a very nice experience, because on this occasion I was fortunate to meet my DOULA ANDREA BALINA.

Having a person with the experience that she provided me was very important because on this occasion I was not lucky enough to have my mom around, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone through all this, but really it was not different. There are many words to thank Andrea, but the support and motivation at the time made it hard for me to use just one word. She made it more than a job; she made me feel more like a friend. Thankfully now I have my baby with me, and a beautiful memory that brought me my baby is now


Thank you.


Everett, WA

Thanks for the amazing support as my doula to bring my beautiful dougher Emily into this world.

Thanks for being a part of my amazing water birth of my doughter Emily.

I now consider you always as a dear friend.


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